22 May by Vitaliy

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    1. Also, generally speaking we normally don’t simply dispatch for local and regional runs. None of the dispatchers can make any money and the same goes for the carrier. Everyone we work with drivers OTR and puts on around 12,000 miles per month or so. This allows both the carrier and my agents to make money and everyone is happy at the end of the month.

    1. Hi Joseph, thanks for your comment on our site.
      This is Vitaliy with American Freight Trucking, Inc. and AFT Dispatch. You and I have emailed a bit and you’ve mentioned doing local and regional runs through VA, MD, and DC.
      Currently we’re not accepting new clients at AFT Dispatch and have set-up a wait list. You completed our application but have only sent in an insurance certificate and nothing else. We wouldn’t be able to book a load without having your MC Authority, a completed and signed W-9, and all of the same documents you generally provide a broker when booking a load.
      We’d need to be approved to create insurance certificates with your agents, as well as be set-up with your factor as well as other things.

      At this time we’ve stopped taking on clients as the market has been terrible and we’ve focused on servicing the clients we currently have without taking on anyone else so we can keep the quality and rates high.

      Thanks again and I wish you the very best of luck. If we do start taking on new clients, I will be sure to contact you directly.

      American Freight Trucking, Inc.
      (801) 448-6363

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